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june wl 2020This year, Father’s Day falls on June 21st. Normally that would consist of going out to brunch or celebrating a big BBQ celebration with family, Father’s Day this year will undoubtedly be different. Never fear, there are still plenty of fun ways to celebrate Dad at home! Here are some unique ways to celebrate all of the Dad’s, Step-Fathers, Father-in-Laws, Grandfathers, and Father’s-to-be

Plan a BBQ Picnic at Home

Order BBQ from Kelvin & Company or your favorite local BBQ place

Plan a movie night and watch Dad’s favorite movie or TV Show. You can even set up a projector and screen indoors or outdoors (Amazon has some great deals!)

Buy popcorn from Kalamazoo Kettle Corn Company for movie night

Buy dad Grilling Cookbook

Have the kids make homemade Father’s Day Cards

may wl 2020Mother’s Day is always celebrated the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day recognizes mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, all mother figures and mothers to-be! Usually Mother’s Day Celebrations include going to church, brunch, dinner, and buying flowers and cards.

With the uncertainty of the world these days, there is one thing that will always remain -The love that we all have for our Mother’s! While we are uncertain whether or not restaurants will be open to take Mom out to brunch for her special day, most are still offering amazing takeout. If take-out isn’t an option, nothing shows your love more than breakfast in bed or a home cooked meal that she doesn’t have to make.

Moms always take care of everyone else, so a Mother’s Day Gift should take care of her!

Here are some fun idea to celebrate Mother’s Day at home:

Make Mom her favorite breakfast and surprise her with breakfast in bed. Grab a large baking sheet and cover it with a towel or placemat.  Or you can set the dining room table and grab some champagne and OJ for Mimosas! 

April 2020 CoverSpring is approaching and with the warmer temperatures I start craving lighter meals. We all want to incorporate healthier meals into our lifestyle, and two of my favorite restaurants take out all of the guesswork and make ‘fast food’ HEALTHY FOOD!

Core Life Eatery believes the food you eat affects how you feel and how you perform. Keeping that mindset, they make everything from scratch, with real whole foods and ingredients that are free of GMO’s, artificial colors and sweeteners, and any other artificial additives. For most of us, myself included, when you hear the words CLEAN HEALTHY EATING, it’s usually associated with the words Bland or Boring. It couldn’t be more opposite! Core Life Eatery has perfected fast and healthy food, and most of all its packed with flavor. All of their dressings, sauces, broths, and lemonade are made fresh daily. They press over 25 pounds of carrots daily just for their carrot chili vinaigrette dressing alone!

April 2020 CoverKalamazoo is an amazing city where everyone from big corporations, to small business owners, to the stranger walking down the street next to you can all come together to help out the community. While Kalamazoo has many events throughout the year that bring the community together, there is one topic that everyone can agree on- Girl Scout Cookies! You read that right- an entire event dedicated America’s favorite cookies, and for a great cause. The age-old question remains, which cookie is YOUR favorite? Samoa’s? Thin Mints? Let’s be honest, there isn’t a Girl Scout Cookie out there that I haven’t liked!  

Like every year, the Girl Scout Cookie Bake-Off brings together local chefs in a friendly competition to create a unique version of their favorite cookie, held downtown Kalamazoo at The Radisson Hotel. This event supports Girl Scout outreach to low-income and at-risk girls in the community.

Rachel february 2020Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate your significant other, usually by exchanging chocolates, flowers, cards, and even dinner. Kalamazoo just so happens to be full of amazing restaurants, flower shops, and small businesses with sweet treats just for this special occasion. Although the day doesn’t have to revolve around extravagant gifts, there are many fun things to do together in downtown Kalamazoo without breaking the bank.  

Some may write it off as a Hallmark Holiday, but those that love to celebrate, like to make sure everything is flawless. You don’t want to be caught planning last minute so I’m here to offer a few fun suggestions to make your day special. And for all of you single ladies and gents, we’ve got something for you too.

First, let’s start with the flowers. Because who doesn’t appreciate pretty flowers on Valentine’s Day? And for those that celebrate, it’s practically a given! A gorgeous bouquet of blooming buds is sure to make that someone special in your life smile. Vandersalm’s Flower Shop has been serving Kalamazoo since 1910 – with over 100 years of service here in Kalamazoo, you can’t go wrong and it’s the perfect place to start (1120 S Burdick St, Kalamazoo).

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